Month: November 2014

Stop Stereotyping Hispanics!

Prior to President Obama’s speech Last Thursday, Luis Gutierrez, a Democratic Congressman, was predicting a “civil war” within his party unless the President issued an executive amnesty for illegal aliens.[1] Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican Congresswoman, thought her party would “alienate” Hispanics unless the GOP passed an immigration bill.[2] This all begs the question, are Hispanics really single-issue voters who only care about amnesty, as these politicians would attempt to have us believe? Of course not! Polling repeatedly shows that Hispanic support for amnesty is wildly overstated. Hispanics want the same things as Americans from other ethnic groups — a...

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A Tale of Two Swindles

This week the Center For Progressive Urban Politics is taking a very critical look at one of the largest public works projects ever proposed for the state of California and compares it to another public works project from a hundred years ago.  A project that  was proposed for the “public good” but was in fact a swindle that allowed a few people to become extraordinarily rich off the backs of the tax payers.  As Mark Twain aptly stated, “history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”  Or gives rise to opportunities for some really good satire. . ....

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Brother Can You Spare 8 Grand? And Other Tales From the Not For Profit World

What poses as progressive media these days is usually concerned with entertaining us and managing content to the point (as described by social critic Curtis White) wherein “it is a threat to no one, no where.”  This week’s blog is a no holds barred indictment of the business of “charity.” It is done in spoken word and put to animation.  The script is based on a story first told by Steve Lamb earlier this year in his Altaden...

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