Month: December 2014

Dear Pompous Activists of Every Color – It’s Not About YOU!

The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968, shocked the majority of White America into peering into the mirror. They did not like what they saw and decades of introspection and self- examination began. Most White Americans worked really hard to throw off the cultural norms of American racism and embrace the concept of complete racial equality. It was difficult and painful for them. With that same event, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, much of Black America abandoned their effort and desire to fully assimilate into a colorblind America. Large portions of Black America began to seek a separate...

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Overpopulation and Environmental Injustice

One of the problems with trying to have a conversation on the topic of overpopulation is bringing it home to a local level. Sure, we are on our way to 9 billion people on this earth, but what does that mean to me here in Southern California. In this week’s  interview with Dr. Ben Zuckerman we delve into overpopulation and its implications, particularly with regard to the injustice it causes for certain groups of Angelenos....

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