Month: May 2015

March Against Monsanto Rally – Los Angeles

On Saturday, May 23, 2015 hundreds of Angelenos gathered to stage a rally and march to protest genetically modified foods (GMOs) and inform the public as to how they can harm their health and wellness.   Steve and Kevin visited the rally in order to listen, learn and share what they saw and heard with you. They actually learned a lot.  As you will see in the video, the people attending the rally were not just spirited in their protests, but also very well informed about GMOs.  For instance, they learned from Nance Broderzen about toxins such as glyphosates and how...

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Our Diablo – The Case For Shuttering California’s Last Nuke

  On Saturday, May 9th the Malibu Democratic Club hosted an amazing series of presentations concerning the Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant, the menace it poses to Southern California and the need to bring its generating days to a end and begin its decommissioning. The Center for Progressive Urban Politics is grateful it had the opportunity to record this important event. This movie is Part 1 and covers the formal presentations. The presenters included: Linda Seeley, Mothers for Peace Paul Frey, Wine maker and anti-nuclear activist Donna Gilmore, San Onofre Richard Mathews, scientist and President of North Valley Democratic...

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Weekly News Wrap for Week Ending 05.16.15

Steve and Kevin are at it again bringing their thoughts, opinions and reactions to last week’s international, national, state and local headlines. Acts of corruption, malfeasance, ineptitude, skullduggery and arrogance screamed from the headlines the past week. But hey, it’s all grist for the mill here at the Center for Progressive Urban Politics as we churn out yet another weekly news wrap up. Today we cover the following headlines: 1:12 -Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon bomber gets death sentence 2:20 –Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia 9:08 – The California senate race heats up 12:00 – Los Angeles County doesn’t want to...

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Myths of The War on Terror

Michael Shermer of the Skeptic Magazine and Skeptics Society really did the country a service with their latest magazine. Titles such as “A War on Terror Baloney Detection Kit”, “A Skeptics Guide to the War on Terror”, and “Myths of Terrorism” kind of tell you where he and others are coming from. Personally, I never bought off on the “GWOT” (The Global War on Terrorism.) It struck me as a lot of hooey. Moreover, I am far more inclined to believe people in the US government were behind the events of 9/11 than a handful of poorly trained jihadist...

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CFPUP’S Weekly News Wrap UP For Week Ending 05.02.15

Welcome to another edition of the CFPUP’s Weekly News Wrap Up! Once again we’re providing you our take on issues that  impact you on an international, national, state, and local level. It’s been a busy week newswise and we found ourselves culling and conflating a lot of topics so as to keep it interesting. Our perspectives are no holds barred. So, If there is a hell for those that flaunt political correctness, I am pretty sure Steve and Kevin are bound to end up there.   Below is a list of the topics covered and the time codes in the...

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