Month: August 2015

In America, Rape is Considered Non-Judicial Punishment

The other week, a sandwich salesman plead guilty to paying under-aged prostitutes for sex.  The internet exploded with memes similar to the cartoon featured to the right, celebrating the sandwich salesman’s probable prison rape.  Liberals, Anti Police violence protestors, progressives and feminists circulated these memes celebrating the prison rape culture right along with conservatives and fundamentalists.   Prison rape is a matter of STATE POLICY.  All the rapists are known to the prison system for what they are. They are not punished for their deeds in spite of the fact that these deeds are conducted while under the control and...

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Defend Diplomacy Support Iran Agreement Rally in Los Angeles California

On August 26th some 60 people gathered in front of Congressman Ted Lieu’s office to drop off 2,500 petitions from people in his district and urge him to support the Iran nuclear treaty. In this video you will hear speeches from Ed Asner, Marcy Winograd, Lila Garrett, David Clennon,  Rico Ross, and Joe Cicero. CFPUP was on hand to film and document the event.  If enjoyed the above video, please like and share...

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We Are In A Fourth Turning

Two weeks ago I discussed in a blog that we here at CFPUP will be focusing a lot of attention on the cyclical nature of the circumstances we find ourselves in as a country.  We can’t peer into the future with a crystal ball.  But, we may find valuable insights by looking into the past. As I was perusing a magazine from the 1930’s I came across an article on Spanish Civil War orphans.  That war started in 1936.  The article was dated 1939, the year the war ended.  It is believed as many as 500,000 people died as...

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What Year Was It Contest?

As we begin to dig into and research the evidence of demographic cycles that impact us in terms of politics, economics and our society at large, we thought it would be fun to use prize contests to better engage our audience.  In our first contest, we have identified a quote from a periodical and want you to guess the year it was published.  The quote may be from a newspaper, a magazine, radio or film.  Here is the quote: “For their own self-confidence, young men need to be reminded that unquestionably there are in their very ranks the researchers and...

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Social Security is Turning 80, Do You Know Which Cycle You’re In?

I spend a lot of my time following economic, political and social topics in both the mainstream press and alternative media.  And for the past three years I have been paying a lot of attention to what I perceive to be the cyclical nature of the situations (economic, political and societal) that we as a country find ourselves in. Perhaps some of this focus is the result of Ruthie Roberts, an economics and accounting teacher I had in the early 1980’s.  She taught us the Kondratiev Cycle (or wave as it is sometimes referred to).  It was an economic theory...

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