Month: May 2016

Feeling the Bern in Ventura, California

On a sunny Thursday afternoon presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave a spirited speech to over 9,000 people on the lawn at Ventura College.  Bernie was in great form and railed on many of the themes that rocketed him from dark horse to the probable winner in the general election match up with Donald Trump.  The most salient feature of the speech was Senator Sanders taking up Donald Trump’s challenge to debate him prior to the California June 7, primary.  Pssssst, but don’t tell Hillary. . . Click on link to watch the entire speech, share and encourage anyone you...

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Increased Taxation and Centralized Authority are NOT the answer to homelessness

Both the Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors are considering measures to “deal with homelessness”.  However, none of these measures take into account any of the STRUCTURAL causes of expensive housing or homelessness, and most of these structural causes are the direct result of GOVERNMENTAL POLICY. If you go down and hand out sandwiches and toiletry survival kits to homeless people, you will find that many have drug issues and many do seem to be not exactly sane. But, imagine living hopeless under a bridge for four years and think how sane you would be. ....

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