Month: June 2016

Brexit and Beyond

Before and after the votes were tallied for the BREXIT a cacophony of voices sounded lamentation after lamentation as to the consequences of staying in or leaving the European Union (EU). I believe that had Britain stayed, we could have counted on more of the same;  A kind of blind leading the blind into the future.  But with it’s leaving, forecasts of economic doom and gloom seem have captured the headlines in the mainstream media. while on the other hand, the alternative media sphere radiates with stories of a new dawn for individual and collective freedom. As much as we...

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Ann Coulter Vs. Van Jones at Politicon 2016

On June 25th and 26th, the Pasadena Convention Center played host to the Politicon 2016.  Politicon is regarded as the quintessential non-partisan event of the year.  Being an election year, the organizers upped the ante  with some of the biggest names in politics and the wittiest voices in comedy and entertainment, representing all sides of the political spectrum. In this video, controversial right wing pundit and lawyer, Ann Coulter  went head to head with activist and author, Van Jones in what turned an informative and spirited debate on issues ranging from the 2016 election, to immigration, race, and crime...

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