Month: July 2016

When A Readers Digest Magazine is The Same Age as You!

In couple of days, July 30th to be exact, it will be my fifty-fourth birthday. A while back I was in an antique store in Reno, Nevada, and happened across a stack of old Readers Digest magazines and found one from July 1962, the month of my birth. I quickly perused it, purchased it, took it home, and pretty much forgot about it. However, when boxing up books, papers, and magazines in preparation for yet another move, I came across the magazine. I stopped what I was doing and began to read several of the articles and columns. What...

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Ventura California’s 4th of July PUSH EM PULL EM Parade

 Ventura’s 4th of July Street Fair continued its proud 41-year-old tradition today with its PUSH EM PULL EM Parade and street fair. The fun thing about the parade is anyone can be in it. In fact, participants far outnumbered spectators. Today as in years past, adults and children were encouraged to dress up, bring bicycles, little red wagons, or any other non motorized form of conveyance they could imagine and walk from Memorial Cemetery Park to the Ventura downtown. Once downtown, the parade dissolved into a street fair with concerts and dozens and dozens of vendors.  Having recently moved to...

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