Month: August 2016

Practical Advice for Protecting the Environment

In last week’s blog I shared my reaction to the environmental theme of the Rio Olympic’s opening ceremonies in which I opined, it would have been more effective to pass out condoms to the athletes as they paraded into the stadium than seedlings to be planted after the event. As expected, I did receive a few calls on the blog. Most approved of my point of view. However, a few did not and would have preferred I post something more positive. Something that short of not having more children, people, inhabiting the planet now could do to help the...

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Don’t Blame it on Rio, Too Few Resources, Too Many People And the Road to LA

Last Friday evening I pulled into a bar to watch the opening ceremonies of 2016 Rio Olympics. Although viewership was down from the London Olympics four years prior, it is estimated that some 30 million people across the country watched. Although much of the entertainment took the form of a great big party, the underlying theme was bringing attention to the environment. To that end, each athlete received a seed and a cartridge to plant a native tree of Brazil. As explained by the Rio Olympics website, “The towers which moments ago symbolized urban claustrophobia will house the seeds,...

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Altadena CSD Revisions and Why You Need to Be Concerned

Los Angeles County is attempting to revise the Altadena Community Standards District (CSD) with minimal community input. The new CSD will allow condominiums and drive thru businesses on Lake Avenue, demand that all fences, hedges, gates, arches, Tori and so on over forty two inches tall in the first 22 feet of front yard either be removed in five years or pay a $1500 fee to the County for the county to CONSIDER allowing them to remain. At the same time the County of Los Angeles is proposing these draconian measures along with measures controlling individual homeowner design, it...

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