Month: November 2016

Stand With Standing Rock This Thanksgiving

I raged when the London paper, The Guardian, reported several hundred peaceful protesters were injured during the standoff with police last Sunday at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, on a bridge near a site where an oil pipeline is planned to cross under the Missouri river. One of the protestors, 21-year old, Sophia Wilansky was severely injured and may lose her arm after being hit by a concussion grenade that had been hurled by police and security services battling the protestors. In my opinion it is unconscionable that militarized internal police and security forces would use a weapon...

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Dear Mr. President Elect Trump: Congratulations on your recent election victory. Yours was a fascinating and brilliant victory over the Washington Establishment, perhaps the most brilliant such victory since Andrew Jackson. Now begins the hard work of uniting an angry and divided nation. You have inherited a nation whose people have been artfully kept apart by the establishments of both parties, certain nongovernment organizations, and nongovernment individuals to the point that Americans can almost no longer engage in meaningful conversation with each other, considerately listen to each other or understand each other. Asking for unity now might seem like a tall...

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My Prayer for Tuesday Morning

For Hillary Rodham Clinton, I pray she return to her conservative Methodist roots that urge congregants to do all the good they can, for all the people they can, in all the ways they can, as long as ever they can.” I believe at one time in her life she burned with a desire to use the law to stamp out injustice and I pray that she find that in herself again. I pray she betrays the special interests that financed her campaign and will be blind to how people, regardless of how powerful they are, are treated under...

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