Month: March 2017

The Irony of 21st Century Retail Development

So, a week ago I was driving up to the Barnes & Noble in Lancaster, PA when I noticed a fellow holding a sign on a street corner advertising the local Kmart was going out of business and offering up to 60% discounts on merchandise. I’d seen someone with the same sign a while back and was thinking it could make good fodder for a blog so I took a photo of him. Then, about a block away I drove past a woman with a sign advertising the appliance and furniture store, HHGreg  going out of business and discounts...

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How Citizens of Los Angeles Should Vote On Measures H and S

This coming Tuesday, March 7th, the citizens of Los Angeles will be voting on a county and city ballot measure. They are Measure H and Measure S. Measure H Under Measure H, the Voters of Los Angeles County are being asked to increase their sales tax by one-quarter percent (0.25%) to put a dent in homelessness. Sadly, the putting a dent in homelessness is pure RUBBISH. Measure H will not create a single unit of housing, nor will it pay for a single homeless person to be housed. What will Measure H really do? Measure H is a government...

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