Month: April 2017

Reality Is Not An Option Panel – CFPUP Annual Summit

This summit brought together an amazing panel that consisted of John Michael Greer, James Howard Kunstler, Chris Martenson, Frank Morris, and Dmitry Orlov to talk about issues ranging from politics, the economy, the food we eat, immigration, labor, poverty, minorities, war, and much more. Please be sure to stay tuned for more dynamic events from The Center For Progressive Urban...

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Enter The Boogeyman

“The ability to understand a question from all sides meant one was totally unfit for action. Fanatical enthusiasm was the mark of the real man.” Thucydides Taking a line from Michael Moore’s latest movie, when pondering “where to invade next,” the average citizen need only march to the sound of the rhetoric. As impoverished countries with values strange to us begin to appear in the mainstream media, you can lay pretty good odds those are the countries we plan to war on next. Such is the case with North Korea and Syria. Although we have been engaged in hostilities...

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