Month: August 2017

The Topic of Immigration

An interview of awesomeness

CFPUP Interviewed On The Topic of Immigration

Friends of CFPUP are used to seeing me doing the interviewing.  But today is different.  KMO of C-Realm was passing through Lancaster and spent a couple days with us here sampling the local fare, enjoying the walkability of our downtown and all the while discussing politics, current events, the future and spirituality. KMO became intrigued that a Progressive would hold the point of you that not only should immigration be more restricted as it was a generation ago, but that restricting immigration was congruent with Progressive values.  So here is the conversation we recorded on the...

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After Judge’s Rulings – Next Steps for Lancaster Against Pipelines!

Three years ago activists first began organizing against Williams Energy’s Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, a 125-mile natural gas pipeline whose proposed route will bring it through the heart of Lancaster County. All knew the day would come when few options would remain but civil disobedience to stop the pipeline. With rulings last week by a federal judge, it looks like that day is right around the corner. As part of the weekly vigil service at the chapel of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Malinda and Mark Clatterbuck laid out the details of the judge’s ruling and discussed next...

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Protest Killing Legislation in PA, MN, NC and Coming to a State Near You

On August 16th a bill began winding its way through the Pennsylvania legislature.  It is entitled the Commonwealth Response Cost Reimbursement Act.  But a more appropriate title would be the Pipeplene Protestor Intimidation Act.  This is a really bad bill that keeps the citizens from defending their homes and is an out and out assault on our constitutional rights to assemble and engage in free speech.  Obviously cooked up by the oil and gas interests, this bill, along two others like it and possibly worse in Minnesota and North Carolina need to be stopped.  This video is a primer...

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