This week President Trump stated that he wished football players who were not showing respect to the flag at the start of football games would be summarily fired by team owners. This released a tsunami of anger. How DARE HE interrupt ANYONE’S Freedom of Speech! I, being a Free Speech fundamentalist since childhood, could not possibly agree more with those angered by Trump’s latest tweetsunami.
Where were these enraged groups over the last eight years?
Where were they when Berkley students rioted because Milo came to flamboyantly speak?
Where were they when Ben Shapiro speaking on Free Speech at CSULA became an excuse for students to beat on people and riot?
 Where were they as the faculty threatened students and claimed that students had the right to Free Speech, but would have to “bear consequences”?
Where have they been as speech codes have been established and enforced on every campus in America?
Where have they been as people who they disagreed with were shouted down, belittled,  fired, boycotted, beaten and assaulted?
Where were they as Antifa cold cocked Nazis on the street for their hateful ridiculous speech?
Cheering, the hypocritical bastards!
Freedom of speech, if we are to live in a Republic must be freedom to speak even the most hateful ideology without the fear of government reprisal, or speech is not free. It means freedom for the Nazi, the Communist, the Feminist, the homo/transphobe, the Misogynist the Misanthropist, to speak and be evaluated by the mighty middle American rationalist. We need not fear that by allowing all to speak evil will prevail. Evil can only prevail if it’s speech is curtailed and in its curtailment be made exotic, forbidden and desirable.
The guarantee of Freedom of Speech  is not the right to speak what is found generally to be agreeable, obviously. This is because what is agreeable has no need of protection. Speech that needs protection is speech that is disagreeable, speech that is not well received. Hateful speech. Vile Speech. All political Speech.
Hopefully, going forward, my friends on the left will be as focused on the free speech of Milo and Shapiro, of Conservative students, even of Nazis, as they are focused on the inarticulate ineffective, but polite,  protests of football players.
By Steve Lamb