Month: December 2017

Should We Question Fair Trade?

The other day my wife and I had the morning off together – a rare occurrence. To celebrate we decided to go to a different Coffee Bar from our usual haunt, one located on the far more affluent side of town. The place has a new owner, and since she took it over has  a very different customer base. The former base was mostly blue collar workers, artists and musicians. The new owner upped all the prices, altered the menu, and started carrying “Fair Trade” everything. Now who wouldn’t want to indulge in an espresso sans guilt . ....

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Will Bitcoin Boom Spell Environmental Gloom?

For the longest time, Bitcoin, the Internet’s largest cryptocurrency, slowly puttered along as essentially a libertarian thought experiment. That is, “why rely on the American Dollar, which is backed by a federal reserve, when a community can collectively create a separate currency?” Years ago, Bitcoin users were lucky to purchase pizza with their independent coin, but today the value of a single coin is equal to approximately $18,000, which is no small sum. There is much speculation today over whether this exponential value increase is a sign that the currency is gaining public traction, or whether it’s merely an...

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Washington is The New Versailles

In the dead of night, democracy died with a whimper. Withered husks of humanity, driven only by the demands of their monolithic donor base, voted to gut the middle and working class in order to transfer over a trillion dollars to the richest percentage of our society. These wolves, cloaked in the rhetoric of populism, are attempting to resuscitate the gilded age for their ceaseless masters. The bill was released with notes scribbled in the margins and entire pages crossed out, with byzantine levels of convoluted intricacy. And it was not Senators that penned the final changes, conservative lobbyists...

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