The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in 1968, shocked the majority of White America into peering into the mirror. They did not like what they saw and decades of introspection and self- examination began. Most White Americans worked yay-12575102really hard to throw off the cultural norms of American racism and embrace the concept of complete racial equality. It was difficult and painful for them.

With that same event, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, much of Black America abandoned their effort and desire to fully assimilate into a colorblind America. Large portions of Black America began to seek a separate identity, a separate history, and status or privilege based on the depth of group victimization. University departments saw this as what it was, a growth industry, and began to promote this separatism and entitlement through alleged victimhood.  This gradually morphed into the cult of multiculturalism.

During recent protests of the killing of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and the lack of charges against the policemen who killed them, a transnational organization called “Black Lives Matter” issued a list of rules of behavior for all non black protestors ESPECIALLY the white ones. They were as follows:


While we appreciate the solidarity shown by White and Non Black POC (People of Color) we want to remind folks of some things:

  • Please refrain from taking up space in all ways possible, and always remember that you are here to support black folks, so you should never be the center of anything.
  • Refrain from speaking to the media. Black voices are crucial to this.
  • Stand behind black folks or between us and the police.
  • If you see a cop harassing a black person, come in and engage. (Chances are they are less likely to arrest you.)

So here we have Black people attempting to assign specific roles to people of ALL other races based only on race.  The policies and directives of “Black Lives Matter” are at odds with a Constitutional Republic wherein all human beings have equal rights, moral authority, and responsibilities to their fellow citizens.  It is a departure from the legacy of Dr. King and that of the abolitionist movement that later came to include the pursuit of universal suffrage, and continues to fight for equal rights today.


Rally Downtown Los Angeles

The attempts to regulate the actions of whites and other “people of color” during protests is not a path that will lead to a more just, fair and decent society.  That path will require unity at a very deep and shared level.

As a person who studies the history of movements, I am shocked, to see these rules. They are the same rules almost word for word imposed upon would be white participants in the Black Panther Party in 1972 by Cointelpro FBI infiltrators.  The FBI of course, was working to destroy a racially united movement for justice, much the same way as the slave masters and owners have always done.  This is because such a movement would be unstoppable. I suspect whoever came up with these rules was themselves a Federal Infiltrator, because the Masters, the shareholders, the real owners of America cannot tolerate the 99.99% of the population getting together.

Aside from being racist, these rules are designed to divide people and keep them from forming a unified movement for justice in America where everyone automatically has their constitutional and human rights as a norm. A movement that advocates for the end of classism, racism, police/State brutality as the norm can never, if it is to be effective, be about the privileges and relative oppressions of yellow, brown, white or black activists.  The movement if there is to be one, must be congruent with the colorblind and egalitarian society it advocates for.