Steve and Kevin are at it again bringing their thoughts, opinions and reactions to last week’s international, national, state and local headlines. Acts of corruption, malfeasance, ineptitude, skullduggery and arrogance screamed from the headlines the past week.


But hey, it’s all grist for the mill here at the Center for Populist Urban Politics as we churn out yet another weekly news wrap up. Today we cover the following headlines:

1:12 -Dzhokar Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon bomber gets death sentence
2:20 –Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia
9:08 – The California senate race heats up
12:00 – Los Angeles County doesn’t want to cooperate with federal immigration authorities
16:00 – Another water main breaks in Los Angeles County
20:11 – High ranking LA County Sheriff department officials indicted
24:32 – Homelessness up 12% in Los Angeles County
27:40 – Pasadena city officials receive $157,000 worth of Rose Bowl tickets

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