On this Labor Day I was trying to put together a blog would encapsulate two things for our readers.  On would be the importance of each person’s labor in America.  And second,  the dire straits many workers find themselves in today.  During my many failed attempts, a scene from Lewis Lapham’s documentary/mocumentary The Ruling Class kept running through my mind.  It is the

Art by Michelle Rhea

Art by Michelle Rhea

scene in the movie where he sits down with investigative reporter Barbara Ehrenreich.  In the scene she delivers what I believe is one of the most profound soliloquies on the state of American labor.  In it she says, “don’t tell me about Philanthropy Jack.  The real philanthropists in our society are the people who work for less than they can actually live on, because  they are giving their time, their energy and their talents all the time so that people like you can be dressed well and fed cheaply and so on.  They are giving to you!”

Here is a link to the scene for you to enjoy.  I wish all our readers an enjoyable and relaxing labor Day and that all your   labors in the coming year will fuel your pursuit of happiness.


Kevin Lynn