Dear Mr. President Elect Trump:

Congratulations on your recent election victory. Yours was a fascinating and brilliant victory over the Washington Establishment, perhaps the most brilliant such victory since Andrew Jackson.

Compliments of NBC News

Now begins the hard work of uniting an angry and divided nation. You have inherited a nation whose people have been artfully
kept apart by the establishments of both parties, certain nongovernment organizations, and nongovernment individuals to the point that Americans can almost no longer engage in meaningful conversation with each other, considerately listen to each other or understand each other. Asking for unity now might seem like a tall order. But there is one thing that unifies everyone that voted in the election, and that is they were all American citizens.   Somehow, all of us must once again become Americans, and Americans before we are anything else. We must be Americans before we are Black, White, Latin, Asian, Straight, Gay, Bi, Male or Female. American.

The biggest issues facing each citizen and consequently, your administration are temporal/secular in nature. Americans will unite around issues such as economic inequality, world peace, peak oil, effective and efficient healthcare delivery, skyrocketing college tuition, clean water and clean air.

As we have been reflecting on your victory we give you great credit for speaking up for members of the wage earning/working classes that were abandoned and kicked overboard by globalists who had a stranglehold on the past three administrations. We note your desire to end the American “obligation” to be the world’s policemen/mercenary/peacekeeper and stop the incredible drain this flawed foreign policy has had on our treasury and the harm done our young men and woman asked to serve in dangerous and far flung regions. Your campaign rhetoric informs us that you are aware of the plight of those in our inner cities, and you are developing plans to make those communities prosperous. We applaud one of the ways you seek to make America great again is by rebuilding our infrastructure. If successful, this will prove a blessing to everyone living today as well as our posterity. You also had the courage to address the effects of unbridled legal and illegal immigration on the nation’s most economically vulnerable and our national identity.

Wisconsin Conservation Corps 1988

There is no single program, no silver bullet that will solve these problems overnight. But there is a program that if properly administered can get us going down the right path and ameliorate many of the problems mentioned above. We propose a radical idea, a Universal Conscription of all Americans for their first two years after High School (ages 18-20).

PROGRAM OUTLINE:  All able minded and able bodied American Citizens 18-20 years old will be conscripted into two years of national service. All American Citizens conscripted will go through complete military boot camp. After boot camp the graduates  can volunteer for either Military Service or service in the Conservation Corps. The Conservation Corps will rebuild America’s top soil, rebuild our roads, dredge and rebuild our dams, modernize and harden our electrical grid, rebuild our roads and bridges. Both Military and Conservation Corps members can also choose to re-enlist. Every American after two years of service will be considered a veteran. All veterans shall be eligible for lifetime Universal Health Care and either four years of free University education or free four years of trade school.

Building Hoover Dam 1931

Program Benefits:

  1. 1. Obviously we will have a very large workforce with which to rebuild America’s Infrastructure at below present prevailing wage rates.
  1. 2. Having spent two years living and working with a very diverse group, these Americans will become more tolerant and accepting of each other. We have a history here.  Military service in an integrated Military did a great deal to push Civil Rights forward.
  1. 3. All Americans will believe they have EARNED their benefits through service. This collective skin in the game will go a long way to creating a common and resilient culture.
  1. 4. All Americans will be cautious of going to war as any of their children could be called to serve in war. War will no longer be the provenance of those too poor or deprived of visible prospects, to do anything but enlist.
  1. 5. The Health insurance issue will be solved by basically providing an earned Universal Healthcare system whose quality EVERY citizen is invested in.
  1. 6. Universal education will be earned and providing a universal education will enrich the nation as a whole while removing the drag student debt has proven to be for many households. University tuition can and will be negotiated by the government. This mass buying capability should lead to negotiations for more reasonable costs. Young people will have matured in their service and will arrive at college more serious and  more focused than they do now.
  1. 7. We could make as a condition of immigrating to America, at any age, some kind of national service term of two years. Making citizenship and its benefits earned will reinforce a single national cultural identity.  This shared and common culture will make it easier for us to come together and work toward common goals.

Again, congratulations.  We hope you will consider these ideas and implement them for the general good of the nation.

Most Sincerely,

Steve Lamb & Kevin Lynn