Author: Alex Hagen-Frederiksen

Policy Watch: April 2018

This week we bring you another Policy Watch, an informational series where we aim to keep you informed on legislation trends in Washington. In an update on last month’s edition, none of the bills presented saw movement in Congress. However, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, which we showcased in February was signed into law. There remains opposition to the law from those who believe it would decrease internet freedoms and show no benefit. With Tax Season now behind us, we thought it would be a good idea to check on what Congress has...

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Fracking Protests Hit Pennsylvania Capital

On Friday, April 13, more than one hundred protesters from across the state, even some from Maryland and Virginia, came to the steps of Harrisburg’s Capitol Building to demand action from Governor Tom Wolf. The organizers presented a petition with more 700 signatures to the governor’s office to ban fracking and pipeline construction across the state. Tim Spiese, Board President of Lancaster Against Pipelines, said during the event “[Gov. Wolf’s] luck is run out. Because no longer will grassroots groups and threatened communities be content to challenge alone the harms and destruction brought on by the fossil fuel oligarchs...

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Are Teacher Strikes a Growing Trend?

America is in a new “gilded age”, only without the mass child labor. We are still riddled with mass wealth inequality, neglected social institutions, and a government run by tycoons and villains. The crackdown on unions and labor movements of the past decades has yielded no fruit for America’s working class, and for too long crippling austerity measures have been used as a cudgel against institutions like our schools. But change might be on the horizon: in West Virginia, Arizona, Kentucky, now Oklahoma. A new labor movement seems to be stirring, and it is beginning with our nation’s educators. Teachers...

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Fighting climate change isn’t just right, it’s necessity.

In a recent court case in Boston, more than a dozen protesters were found “not responsible” after a judge found their actions to stop climate change a “legal necessity.” The protesters were fighting against the installation of a gas pipeline in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, by jumping into the holes dug for construction and refusing to leave. They were arrested, but prosecutors reduced their charges to that of civil infraction before any trial; this meant that instead of a jury, the protesters plead their case directly to the judge. All 13 protesters accused were found “not responsible.” Karenna Gore, Director...

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Policy Watch: Gun Debate Rages in Congress

It is once more time for a new edition of Policy Watch, where we bring you the latest on important bills and laws in Congress to keep you informed! For updates from last month’s edition, The Veterans Care Financial Protection Act was passed and signed into law on March 9th. The ADA Education and Reform Act is still waiting for introduction to the Senate, the Comprehensive Regulatory Review Act passed in the House, and despite some public opposition, the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act passed the Senate on March 21st. Here are some of the bills we...

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