Whether it is up ballot, down ballot or something in between, there is nothing like an upcoming election to heighten our awareness of the political landscape and get us thinking about who and what to vote for.  Given politics is what we do here, we thought it would be a good idea to provide our viewers with our collective thoughts on who and what we intend to vote for.

This is part one of our three part series covering ballot initiatives and candidates for federal, state, county and municipal office.  The entire sit down took roughly an hour which was about 30 minutes longer than we had hoped.  So we decided to cut it into 3 sections the first of which will go out tonight. The second part will go out tomorrow and the last will go out Tuesday which will be a week before the election.

Part one will focus on just Propositions One & Two.  Part two will cover the remainder of the propositions and measures.  And Part three will cover all of the candidates.

Enjoy and please be sure share your picks and thoughts with us.  We are always looking for more input.