Welcome to another edition of the CFPUP’s Weekly News Wrap Up! Once again we’re providing you our take on issues that  impact you on an international, national, state, and local level.

It’s been a busy week newswise and we found ourselves culling and conflating a lot of topics so as to keep it interesting. Our perspectives are no holds barred. So, If there is a hell for those that flaunt political correctness, I am pretty sure Steve and Kevin are bound to end up there.

Mural In Echo Park

Mural In Echo Park


Below is a list of the topics covered and the time codes in the event you are feeling antsy and want to jump ahead:


Van Laden w/Recyclables in Echo park

01:26:20 Bernie Sanders Announces Presidential Run
04:54:28 Baltimore’s Riots
05:54:12 Is Police Brutality on the Rise?
07:00:20 Baltimore’s State’s Attorney General’s Decision to Indict
09:08:21 Millennium Towers Development in North Hollywood
14:55:21 May Day (Amnesty) Parade in Downtown Los Angeles
21:03:00 Legal Team Comes To Aid of Street Vendor
28:33:23 Garbage Vultures
35:27:27 Growing Homelessness in Los Angeles
42:23:00 Looming Surprise for the American Oligarchy