For Hillary Rodham Clinton, I pray she return to her conservative Methodist roots that urge congregants to do all the good they can, for all the people they can, in all the ways they can, as long as ever they can.” I believe at one time in her life she burned with a desire to use the law to stamp out injustice and I pray that she find that in herself again. I pray she betrays the special interests that financed her campaign and will be blind to how people, regardless of how powerful they are, are treated under the law.

I pray that she divorce herself from neoliberal economic ideologies that value the pursuit of price and profit across the globe and not human dignity and fairness. I pray she cast out of our nation’s capital the neoconservatives that have entangled the country in foreign debacles that have drained our treasury and diminished the country’s standing in the world.

In the event of a Trump victory, I pray he betrays the class he was born into. I pray that he be so isolated among the Potomac establishment that to paraphrase Jacob Burckhadt, the most honorable alliances he can form are those of intellectual merit, without regard for origin. I pray that his thirst for fame and monumental works make him aspire to leave behind  an infrastructure that shifted us from fossil fuels to renewable energy. I pray that he opens the door to other anti-establishment candidates by making the law of the land publicly funded campaigns.

In closing I pray that Kellyanne Conway permanently and irrevocably be given the remote control to a shock collar that he will wear around his neck 24/7.

So help us GOD(s)!