Biden administration ramps up DC security pre-inauguration Jan. 2021.

As I write this, it is a dark night where Southern California’s Devil Winds are blowing 50 mph, an hour before the ascendancy of Joseph Robinette Biden and Kamala Harris to the Presidency and Vice Presidency of these United States. Mr. Biden has promised he knows how to unite the nation. If indeed he does know how, he is showing scant interest in doing it. Every step he and his party have taken will further divide the American people. To a person who has studied civil wars and past revolutions to understand how to avoid them, I see a man hell-bent on shredding the nation into warring camps.

I do not know that Mr. Biden was legally elected. I do not know that he is a usurper. I do know that he, his party, and the courts refuse to examine the numerous legal issues surrounding voting rule changes, that they refuse to examine studies showing thousands of dead people voted, that thousands of people voted twice and that in many cases more ballots were counted than people registered to vote.

These irregularities deserve investigation and answer. The questions about vote count machines and their hackability have existed for two decades. Until this election, the Democratic Party was the main purveyor of that “conspiracy theory.” For years, I personally have favored a complete examination of this issue, and rectifying problems to the extent they exist. In the past that didn’t make my former friends on the left call me a conspiracy theorist, a “white supremacist” or a totalitarian. Until this election, they found me holding that position made me a man of democratic principle. I was then, and I am now.

In 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders called for recounts, and wild discrepancies were found in several states between paper ballots and what the computers claimed the votes were. No one called him a “white supremacist,” but despite him proving miscounts and even wins that had been counted as losses, no one changed the “official” miscount either. Jill Stein in California in the 2016 general election comparing paper to computer results found wild swings in favor of Clinton and that votes seemed to have been taken from third-party candidates and Republicans and given to Clinton. The fix for this problem? Destruction of paper ballots in many states after they are counted in the election of 2020.

I don’t know who won the election of 2020, but if Joseph Robinette Biden wanted to unify the nation, if he wanted to end unfounded conspiracy theories – indeed if he wanted to permanently devastate President Trump’s followers if he believes he won the 2020 election – the simplest way to achieve all this would be for he himself to join President Trump in calling for a complete forensic audit of the election. That he has not done so, I believe, indicates he suspects he did not actually win. If I were him, I would have, had I believed I won, demanded a recount to end all speculation.

Since the refusal of governors to convene state legislatures to consider evidence, the refusal of the courts to hear the evidence in the election cases – but their insistence to boot them on specious procedural grounds – there was a mostly peaceful protest at the U.S. capitol. Some people rioted in the houses of Congress. Some of the rioters were BLM Sunshine Movement, ANTIFA and law enforcement provocateurs. Some were caught up in the moment and their frustrations. Many legitimately believed they had been robbed of a free and fair election and all legitimate processes after that.

These Americans certainly did get treated differently than they would have been had it been a BLM protest, as Joseph Robinette Biden has asserted. Had they toppled the statues in the rotunda, burned the building and threatened other civilians, they would have had Joseph Robinette Biden make speeches of understanding and Kamala Harris pay their bail out of her campaign funds if arrested. Certainly the summer of 2020 showed us it would have been different if it had been BLM. Mr. Biden’s combined virtue signaling and racial pandering certainly won’t help united the nation. It is a crass tactic for division.

Since that small, insignificant riot – insignificant other than to Congressmen who claimed fear – the tech overlords have swung into full totalitarian mode, shutting down President Trump and others who hold views favorable to him. This is censoring speech before it can be uttered, the tech oligarchy making digital nonpersons. There have been calls to boycott these techno totalitarians.

On the other side, banks have demanded President Trump and others who have dared officially question election results close their accounts. Publishers have shut down book deals. Pundits have claimed that all Trump supporters are dangerous “Christian White Nationalist Terrorists” who need to be “re-educated” and “reprogrammed.”

There are more than 25,000 National Guard in Washington, D.C., who reportedly were vetted for presumed loyalty to Biden. I’m expecting the personal loyalty oaths to be taken by all military personnel by the end of the month.

So far, I am not enjoying the Democrat Party’s reboot of Berlin, 1933.