In the dead of night, democracy died with a whimper. Withered husks of humanity, driven only by the demands of their monolithic donor base, voted to gut the middle and working class in order to transfer over a trillion dollars to the richest percentage of our society. These wolves, cloaked in the rhetoric of populism, are attempting to resuscitate the gilded age for their ceaseless masters.

The bill was released with notes scribbled in the margins and entire pages crossed out, with byzantine levels of convoluted intricacy. And it was not Senators that penned the final changes, conservative lobbyists were given full reign to make amendments as they saw fit. Pork was handed out by the fistful; Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska crafted the absurdly villainous amendment to allow oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. One addition brazenly offered exemptions to a single conservative college in Michigan. It tramples on one of America’s most basic institutions, the separation of church and state, by allowing religious entities to openly court political candidates.

State and local income tax exemptions were eliminated. The corporate tax rate slashed from 35 to 20 percent. Exemptions for the estate tax were doubled to 11 million, and the individual mandate for Obamacare was eliminated. Because of this, it’s estimated that approximately 13 million Americans will go without health care. Even further, it is more than likely that they plan to pay this 1.6 trillion deficit by annihilating our social safety nets: expect proposals for privatization, or as they’ll say “free market solutions” to social security, and medicare, and medicaid. They want you to rot, and work yourself to your dying day, just so their friends may have slightly more enriched lives.

And what have the Democrats, the self entitled defenders of “Real America” done to stop them? Like petulant children, they posted memes about how “Reagan passed bipartisan tax reform!” and that the Republican’s refusal to compromise was “disappointing.” The best arguments they could muster was that they couldn’t make a deal with America’s butchers. The saddening fact is that they too are beholden to their own benefactors, who inevitably seek the same goal: power over all of us.


The Womens March on Versaille. At what point does this become an American Reality?

This group of American “nobility” has cloistered themselves intheir own Versailles; a den of ill repute fashioned in the image of greater men than they. Their ideology is a disease, and an affront to the bedrock of society itself. This Second Estate, completely removed from their original order, to represent us, has shown they have no remorse in killing Americans in the hundreds of thousands to increase their own wealth by an unnoticeable margin.

There is, however, a sort of innocence to their complete disconnect from the rest of America. They cannot fathom that this parody of society they have molded could ever change. Like in 1789, the Old Order could not possibly imagine that those peasants could revolt over the mere price of bread. They could not believe it until the masses were at their gates. What will be the spark that ignites this great conflagration? What will be our New Bastille?