As we begin to dig into and research the evidence of demographic cycles that impact us in terms of politics, economics and our society at large, we thought it would be fun to use prize contests to better engage our audience.  In our first contest, we have identified a quote from a periodical and want you to guess the year it was published.  The quote may be from a newspaper, a magazine, radio or film.  Here is the quote:

Pic for CFPUP Article Coal and solar

Coal mine in Pakistan (top) and solar panels and wind turbines (bottom.)

“For their own self-confidence, young men need to be reminded that unquestionably there are in their very ranks the researchers and practical dreamers who tomorrow will help solve . . . . the greatest problem of agriculture – to discover new uses for farm products, uses which will create new social and economic values and partially replace the consumption of our exhaustible natural resources. Some new and unheralded Edison will emerge to free us from dependence on fossil fuel of the past, such as coal and oil. Perhaps he will find a technique for fulfilling the dream of harnessing the energies of the sun.”

The winner will receive a one ounce copper coin that is part of the Bankster Series struck by Chris Duane and his Silver Shield Group.   Struck on the coin is “Competition Is A Sin.”  In the event of a tie in which more than one person has named the correct year, we will place the names of all those who guessed correctly in a raffle and choose one winner at random.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 4.10.33 PMTo enter, you can either “like” us on Facebook and leave your answer in the reply section on our Facebook page, or e-mail us at   So please check us out on Facebook. We will contact the winner using the e-mail address you provided us or via Facebook.  We will ship your coin via USPS.

Again, just tell us which year you think the above quote was published.  The winner we be announced on Tuesday, August 18th in the comment section below.  Best of luck to everyone who participates.

**Affiliates, and family members of are not eligible to enter this contest.